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BBC Sherlock [Apr. 1st, 2012|07:58 pm]
I’ve been very out of any fandom, for a very long time now. I couldn’t work up interest in anything, although the movie!verse Holmes was engaging – Cyanne has made me a RDJ fan – but for some reason, I wasn’t feeling any interest in reading any movie fanfic (not that there is much out there, sadly). I imagined that my fandom days were over. I just had no interest in anything.

Well, Cyanne came up y’day. I had had an awful week at work and given my total lack of interest in any fandom right now, I thought I would bore her with nothing to talk about, and nothing I wanted to watch. That would just leave us w/ politics and religion to discuss, and it’s a testament to our friendship that we’re still friends given how differently we feel about those topics.

I almost texted her to tell her not to come – she would have more fun at home w/ her cats than any time w/ me, and think of the gas money she would save . . . I knew I would be a complete killjoy.

But I didn’t cancel, and after she arrived and we chatted a bit (mostly me complaining about my job), we ended up watching the BBC Sherlock second series (two eps of it).

Wow. Wow, wow, wow.

BBC Sherlock (I thought) didn’t do anything for me. See above – no interest in anything.

I don’t know what I was thinking. This is an outstanding show. I was blown away, and this was the best Saturday I had had in ages. Ages and ages. (I am so grateful to Cyanne right now, I can’t tell you).

We didn’t watch “Scandal”. We did watch the very beginning, but I could see it was going to go in a direction I would not be comfortable with (as I’m a complete and total card-carrying prude). So, after the pool scene, Cyanne turned it off (she always respects my hang-ups) and we went to “Hound”.

“Hound” was ok. I liked it. It’s not an ep that going to haunt my dreams and give me zillions of fic ideas, but it was good and I completely enjoyed it.

Cyanne had already warned me that she had to leave early but a glance at the clock made me realize we still had a couple of hours after “Hound” before she had to go. So I ordered a pizza (it was a cold and rainy day and going out was not ideal) and we watched “Falls”. The third ep, anyway, of the second series. I probably have the name wrong.

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Did I say that already? What a great ep! I was hanging on every minute and every word and every gesture and everything going on. I felt like I was there. At the end, I was sick to my stomach and almost crying, I was so overwhelmed with what Sherlock was doing for John (yes, I know, Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade featured in there as well, but I saw it as primarily for John).

And the last scene, I may not have these right, but: “Can you do this one thing for me?”. “I was so alone for so long . . . “

I can’t get those final couple of scenes out of my head. Thought about them today when I did a few hours at work. Thought about them all throughout mass. Thought about them on my walk. I can’t get over what Sherlock did for John.

Romans 5:7 keep coming to my mind (hope I have this right) – “Now it is hard for anyone to give his life even for an upright man, though it might be that for a good man someone would give his life” – it seems to me (and I hope you don’t perceive me as being disrespectful to the Bible verse, as that is not my intention in the least) - that that might be just what Sherlock did.

He gave his life for John. A good man.


Cyanne said this ep was intense. She was not kidding. What a fantastic job the writers, creators, and actors are doing w/ this show. It’s out of this world.

Wow, wow, wow.
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Pros [May. 1st, 2011|02:27 pm]
Cyanne came up for the afternoon/evening y'day and we had what turned out to be a Pros get-together.

But that was after we suffered thru a viewing of one of the Basil Rathbone / Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes movies (I can't remember which one, but it bore a strong resemblance to "Murder on the Orient Express"). I loved these movies when I was a child but the 40 years since I watched them as a little girl, must have blurred my memory of their plots and acting. Wow.

I was glad we watched it tho b/c it just served to cement my belief that Jude Law's Watson is so, so, so much more realistic and awesomely great than any of his predecessors or even Martin Freeman's John. Of course, YMMV on that! Actually, I think Cyanne's mileage varies on that. But I do love Jude Law's Watson. Can't wait for SH2, but that probably goes w/o saying.

Anyway, we watched some Pros vids including my all time fav, "Wild West Show" by recycledmedia. I usually insist on watching that (over and over and over) and Cyanne usually doesn't insist we watch her favorite, "Passenger Seat". She is a patient soul.

Then we watched a Pros ep: "Not a Very Civil, Civil Servant". It's been a while since I watched Pros and I was amazed at how difficult it was to understand the speech, again. It was like being a newbie to Pros again and having to read the transcripts sometimes, to puzzle out what they said. But, some of that might have just been my hearing loss kicking up as we were watching the ep on a laptop. In any case, I enjoyed it hugely. We had both forgotten how ball-busting (my term) Cowley is in the ep. And the bar fight scene is one of my all time favorite scenes (coincidentally, that scene is included in "Wild West Show" and as I told Cyanne for the umpteenth time, it is the first time I ever saw the lads). And it is fun to see the stereotyped CPA, Robert - not one spare pair of shoelaces in his briefcase, but two.

I'm kind of amazed that CPAs were featured in Pros twice, w/ this guy, Robert, and then the guy in . . . . well, I can't remember the ep title, but it's the one where Bodie and his girlfriend (yuck) are at a restaurant at the beginning of the ep and the place blows up. And both times they are bad guys.

I hope everyone is having as good of a weekend as possible. I'm off to ponder which Pros eps to watch tonight.
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Pros [Apr. 23rd, 2011|03:24 pm]
Happy Easter to anyone who is celebrating it this weekend.

Yesterday I had a wicked headache and was in bed all day w/ it - the whole nine yards, sick to my stomach and everything. I couldn't do much but I could read, and I picked up "Gentle on My Mind" by Kathy Keegan and started working my way thru it, again.

I know this series is not to everyone's taste - I have a friend who refuses to read it and that's saying a lot as our tastes are very, very similar in fanfic - but for some reason, when it comes to Pros, it's close to my desert island fic. It's not - that would be "The Third Friday in October" by Dana Austin Marsh - but this is definitely close to second.

I don't really know why. I don't enjoy envisioning Ray as he is in the story. I don't really know if I can buy that the relationship between him and Bodie should have included the sexual given what happened. And I think that too many folks around them are a bit too quick to accept that they are a couple w/o a second thought (I am not sure that's realistic).

Still, I love this series and I read it cover to cover every year or so. It certainly fit the bill yesterday when I was so sick. It was a comforting, easy read and it was nice to lose my pain in the world Gentle portrays. I guess I like it b/c Ray gets better and better and they are together and happy by the time the last story in the series, closes. Anyway, it's a great series IMHO and I'm glad I was able to get my hands on it!
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Pros [Sep. 26th, 2010|09:04 am]
Had a nice evening last night, watching old Pros vids that I was sure I had lost when my h reformatted my hard drive.

(Never let him near your hard drive - for some reason, he can't work on a computer w/o reformatting the drive. Can't tell you the stuff I've lost over the years. In fact, I had to have Cyanne send me my fav KimberlyFDR S&H vid a few months back, b/c it had "disappeared".)

Then I watched some of "The Rack" b/c I was desperate to hear the lads' voices. It seems like so long since I watched an ep, I could hardly remember what they sounded like.

Have you watched BBC's _Sherlock_? Oh my gosh, what a great show! I need to get an icon for that show. So much looking forward to more eps of this series next year and so looking forward to the next RDJ Holmes movie. As someone posted the other day, Jude Law did such a great job killing the old stereotype of the clueless, dumb Watson. Thank goodness for that!

And I'm looking forward to SHareCon next month, as I dive back into S&H for the day. I can't wait, as I am so fond of so many of the folks that go to this con. It will be great to catch up w/ them! Also, I'm selling much of my S&H collection of zines and it will be nice to see them (if they do sell), go to good homes as opposed to collecting dust on my shelves. I kept a lot of zines, too, tho.
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Nice day [Jun. 6th, 2010|07:58 am]
I had a nice day yesterday - went down and spent a good part of the day w/ Cyanne. How could I not have a nice day since while I was at her house, we watched only what I wanted to watch, which ended up being three eps of Emergency! and some snippets of a Leverage ep that Kevin Tighe had guest starred in. Boy, at 65, which is how old I think he must have been when he filmed that ep, he looks pretty darn good.

Emergency! has just recently taken my life over, so it was awfully kind of Cyanne to indulge my obsession for most of her Saturday.

She also had just gotten back from MediaWest and bought for me there, fabulous portraits of Sherlock Holmes 2009, Holmes and Watson separately and then together, by Lorraine, and a 8"x10" of the movie poster. And keyrings! As usual, she is far better to me, than I ever am to her.

But I redeemed myself a bit last night - after mass, I came home and found a wedding picture of RDJ and Susan Levine online, that she had been looking for, and then sent her a bunch of E! fanfic from my hard drive, which was just what she probably wanted after an entire day of watching what can be a rather poorly acted, simplistic TV show.

Anyway, I had a great day! Hopefully she enjoyed it a bit . . . our next get-together is to go down to DC to see some fanfriends who will be in town in a couple of weeks so she is looking at a few hours in the car w/ me that day - hopefully I will be able to not talk about E! the entire time. Fortunately we are both really fond of RDJ and the SH movie, so dreaming about December of 2011, which is when the sequel will be released I believe, will give us that topic as well.

But right now, I'm really back in E! in a heavy way. I have noticed that I go back there, when RL is particularly upsetting which of course it has been recently. Hey, whatever helps one keep one's sanity, has to be appreciated. And E! is doing that for me, right now.

Have a great Sunday!
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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2010|06:22 pm]
I have been terribly depressed recently, which is not uncommon and will eventually resolve itself. But during all this fun, I've been digging out old CDs from my previous lives and listening to them.

Here is the beginning of "Sorrow" sung by Peter, Paul and Mary (I saw them in concert in South Florida in 2000 - I remember the year b/c everyone was wearing Gore/Lieberman pins at the concert).

"I am a man of constant sorrow;
I've seen trouble all my day
I'm going back to California,
Place where I was partly raised."

For some reason, this song always makes me think of Starsky. Even now, when I've been out of the fandom for quite some time. So after listening to it in the car today about eleven times, I'm going to dig out one of my old S&H stories from that previous life and read it. I've been looking forward to it all day ("Handicapped Access" - yes, I'll be looking thru all my zines b/c I have no idea which one it is in).

When I left S&H, I really left, and didn't really be able to enjoy the fandom at all. But I feel an inkling of interest in it again, and that makes me so happy. Just in time for SHareCon! I would go anyway, to see friends, but it would be cool to be able to enjoy the show and the pairing, as well.

So, today counts as a good day, right? I'm going w/ that classification, yes I am.
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Friday night [Jan. 23rd, 2010|02:29 pm]
Was so much fun. Really, really fun.

Cyanne came up and after dinner at a deli near the theatre (it's a chain but only has restaurants in a few counties around here), she, my dh, and I went to see _Sherlock Holmes_.

In case you were wondering, and I know you probably weren't, it was #3 for her and #2 for me (and #2 for my dh but that's totally beside the point - he humors us). Obviously I have to see it again, to keep up w/ Cyanne, don't I?

Anyway, so glad I made the effort (and after a week of work, it was an effort) to see it again. I got so much more out of it the second time. The first time, I hid my eyes a good 40% of the movie and I couldn't understand a fair amt of what RDJ was saying. Jude Law, I was able to hear him better. And I didn't really see the slash.

Well, that's all changed. I think I understood most of RDJ and I certainly caught far more of the nods to Canon, and I so very much saw the slash this time. Easily. Completely. Totally.

So much so, I'm inclined to write and it's been so very long since I've had that urge, I'm rejoicing in it.

I think the DVD comes out March 31st. Hmmm . . . two months and one week. I can do this. I can wait.

Please see my new icon as well, Cyanne made it for me. I think this is only the second time I've used it but I think that will change! I may have to make it my default, but then I am afraid no one on my f-list will know who I am.

They did such a good job with this movie! I had not been to the movies in forever, but I'm so glad I took a chance and went to see this.

Have a good weekend!
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Fandom [Jan. 16th, 2010|07:29 am]
Well, I think I might have a new fandom.

Certainly I have a new interest and for once, it's not a show that aired while I was still in high school. This one is modern and I can talk about it to the mundane with no one ever the wiser that I have more than a passing interest in it, that I'm spending my evening reading fic and following info about the sequel.

It's the movie!verse Sherlock Holmes altho I've been also scouting up info about the Granada TV series that starred Jeremy Brett. I think if I could watch some of those eps, I would like them very much as well. And I know the Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce movies from watching them when I'm little w/ my parents. But right now I'm enjoying the movie!verse very, very, very much.

I can't say that I see the slash very much yet. But it's growing on me. Right now I'm skating over the slash bits in the stories I'm reading, but since I am at heart a prude, that's not out of the norm for me. (When I go back now and read my stories in S&H and E!, I skate over the slash parts in those now - my own stories!)

And yes, I found the movie horribly violent (not only am I a prude, I'm squeamish). And I'll not even bore you w/ how wildly, totally, completely uncomfortable I was w/ the occult angle.
So I'm not dwelling on those parts of the movie, just the love btw Holmes and Watson, which I do very much see.

All in all, I thought the movie was fantastic. Simply great. I kept the ticket stub and I smile whenever I think of the movie. I have a small (very small!) photo of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce in my office at work. I will have to update it to Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, won't I?

It's really cool to know some of these new actors (I never follow current stuff, never). All I knew about RDJ was he had a troubled history w/ drugs and I am not really sure I ever heard of Jude Law. But after this movie, I think they are both just great! Yes, I know I'm squeeing. But they did such a great job acting! And they were so good together! Happy sighs.

I'm not leaving Pros. But I do wish I'd finished some of the WIPs on my hard drive before SH hit me like a freight train. I doubt I'll write in SH b/c as I said, just don't see the slash there and I usually don't write gen (altho I have). For a slash pairing, I have to say that I truly only see Bodie and Doyle. Often I think that some pairings are "forced" into slash by fen, when it's not there. W/ B&D, I think that they are "forced" by some fen into gen, when it's not there. If that makes any sense.

In any case, so excited about SH that I had to waste some of your Saturday telling you about it. If you have not seen the movie I recommend it. It's supposedly coming on on DVD on 03/31 and I heard (I think) that the sequel will be filming this summer (altho I could be wrong about that). Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the sequel, very, very much!
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2009|09:22 am]
I'm going to Texas tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. I hope it is warmer and sunnier than it is here (that would not be difficult). I am already ready for Spring. I don't usually yearn for Spring before Christmas, but I am this year. Texas should be fun - I will see my son, recently home from his second sojourn in Iraq, and my grandson is turning one, and my daughter is buying a new house . . . a lot is going on down there for my family members.

This month it's three years that I'm in Pros. I told a friend it was two, but I guess my life is so much fun that the years are blurring together (or maybe not). Anyway, it's three years. Now when I watch an ep, I do see more plot holes and unbelievable stuff than I did in the beginning but I see the love btw Bodie and Doyle, more than I ever did. I adore watching the two of them together: every word, every step, every move.

A friend once said to me that the fandom connection runs so deep that she could tell me things and know that I would understand, even more than did her friends that she sees every day. I agree. I have several fandom friends that I hold so dear to my heart. We don't agree on everything in RL, but that doesn't matter at all. They understand me completely. I don't know how people get thru life w/o fandom and fan friends.

I'm grateful to God that I was introduced to this show. I'll never write in it as well as I like, and I'll never get all the cultural nuances of the show as much as I would like to, but I just love Pros. And as much as I enjoy the eps, I feel so blessed that we have such wonderful fanfic which keeps the show ever fresh and new for us. In fact, one reason I write (sporadically), as dissatisfied as I am with my writing, is b/c I feel an joyful obligation to add to the body of work we have, to keep Pros alive and growing.

I wish all of you a wonderful, fandom-filled weekend.
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2009|07:49 pm]
Just back from a day in the state just South of mine. I really love it down there. It's probably where we should have moved to, not where we are. But in any case had a Pros Day, which I sorely needed.

Got to silver_cyanne's house at 11:00 on the dot, because God knows, I'm always on time. tayawulf was delayed by traffic so silver_cyanne and I headed out to eat. Tayawulf was not long delayed, so we ordered and had a nice talk about Close Quarters, zines, stories, Pros in general. I love this show.

Then we returned to silver_cyanne's, with cookies and Diet Coke and ice, and watched several of recycledmedia's Pros vids, including the multimedia "Wild West Show" which is my absolute Favorite Vid of All Time. It was the first time ever that I saw Bodie and Doyle, so that would explain why I love it, even if it weren't so perfectly done as it is.

Then we watched "Operation Susie". I was dreading it. I had never seen this ep and really had no desire to. I'm fond of Cowley (and I don't believe he has designs on either of the lads) and I was sure that this ep would totally destroy all respect I had for him. But, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Not high on my re-watch list tho.

Then - as always - I forced everyone to watch an Emergency! ep. It was "Smoke Eater" for those of you keeping score at home. My favorite, altho difficult to watch, rescue is in that ep, and I knew tayawulf would enjoy at least one ep of Emergency! as she grew up with the show as did I. I can mention anything from this series, and she knows it. It's very cool for me, to have a friend that "knows" the show. My childhood revolved around Saturday nights at 8 pm and hers did, too.

Then we ventured back into Pros, watching "Blind Run", b/c it seems a lot like "Operation Susie" at least to me, and I needed something to counteract "Operation Susie". But then it started to storm and I developed one of my lovely, always enjoyable, panic attacks, so I rushed out of there and flew home (not quite, but close).

Very nice to be home! And I managed to come home w/ four of silver_cyanne's Pros zines, which I'm very happy about - I predict days and days of enjoyable Pros reading, which is really all I want to do these days.

I called silver_cyanne when I was almost home so that she would not worry about me, and she and tayawulf had moved onto "In the Public Interest". I was sick w/ envy, but that's what I get for being constantly nervous when I am more than 20 miles from home.

So I'll watch that tonight, but it will not be as fun as if I would have been a big girl and watched it w/ silver_cyanne and tayawulf. But all in all, I did good! I was six hours away from home before I lost it! And it was a great, great day.

One of my sons is in the military, and he always says that the best people he's ever met, and the worst people he's ever met, are in the military. I know what he means. Fandom is very diverse - has great people, and people that I really don't click with - but I so value the friends I have made here. I am blessed.
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